Access to Healthy Food

We partner with community-based organizations that create food access solutions from the ground up.  

Community gardens and urban farms provide fresh, affordable produce close to home—while connecting neighbors to each other. We champion projects that nurture people’s power to grow food and expand the range of fresh vegetables and fruits available in their neighborhoods.

Everyone deserves access to fresh, wholesome, real food.  However, in the U.S., healthy food is difficult to access for the nearly 24 million people who live in areas without a grocery store. Recent reports from Preventative Medicine and Education for Health show that low-income neighborhoods have 25% fewer grocery stores than middle- and high-income neighborhoods. This disparity contributes to higher rates of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

At Whole Cities Foundation, we envision a world where health is not determined by income or zip code, and where fresh, nutritious food is affordable and accessible to all.

We prioritize food access work done by locally-driven nonprofits that reflect and engage the communities they serve. Community gardens, urban farms and mobile grocers are our champions—making cities whole one neighborhood at a time.