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Welcome, Community First Class of 2019!

Are you ready for the year ahead? We sure are. We can't wait to see your relationship grow with your community partner!

If you have any questions about next steps, don't hesitate to contact our Team Member Engagement & Volunteer Leader, Nikki Newman.

Thank you for your dedication to expanding healthy food options in your city! 

55 Team Members Selected to Grow Healthy Food Access!

Everybody deserves access to healthy food choices - that’s exactly why Whole Foods Market created Whole Cities Foundation! 

This year, 55 Whole Foods Team Members were selected to participate in our Community First Grant Program, supporting 66 nonprofits that are increasing healthy food access in their local communities.

This year’s Community First class represents Team Members from all 11 Whole Foods Market regions in the U.S. and for the first time, we even have a Team Member in Canada participating in the program! 

Here’s a small taste of the kinds of partners they recommended:

  • urban farms
  • community gardens
  • healthy cooking classes
  • farmers’ markets

The nominated nonprofits have been invited to apply for the grant this fall. Those selected will be announced as our newest community partners this November.

Throughout the year, our Community First Team Members across stores, support offices, and facilities will build relationships with their partners to grow community access to healthy food and nutrition information. Here’s a peek at how some of those partnerships unfolded in years past.

At the heart of each partnership is a deep respect for the good that already exists in the community’s food system, and a desire to work with local leaders to build it up for the better.

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Community First Grant Class of 2019

Florida Region:

Dolly Fields | Tallahassee Store | Tallahassee, FL

Jimmy Jaime | South Beach Store | Miami, FL

Lauren O'Mara | Orlando Metro | Orlando, FL   


Global Support: 

Amy Bell | Global Support | Austin, TX

Anthony Pavich | Global Support | Austin, TX

Raj Roy | Global Support | Austin, TX                                                                                                                           



Belinda Croft | Louisville Store | Louisville, KY

Carol Shapcott | Mid-Atlantic Regional Office | Marlton, NJ

Catherine Kiely | Lexington Store | Louisville, KY

Ryan Curran | Philly Center City | Philadelphia, PA

Sharon Ettinger | Allentown Store | Allentown, PA

Tara Pastuszek | South Street Store | Philadelphia, PA



Edward Whittington | Galleria Store | Florissant, MO

Julie Wainwright | Midtown Store | Detroit, MI

Rachel VanHoose | Sauganash Store | Evanston, IL


North Atlantic:

Charlotte Murtishaw | Hadley Store | Hadley, MA

Dai Kim | North Atlantic Regional Office | Lowell, MA

Deborah Tamborella | Hingham Store | Hull, MA

Dee Dee Pumphrey | Charlestown Store | Boston, MA

Eric Wickenheisser | Hadley Store | Hadley, MA

Erika Mercieri | Glastonbury Store | Glastonbury, CT

Geoff Gardner | North Atlantic Regional Office | Boston, MA

Holly Aker | Portland-Maine Store | Portland, ME

Justin Roias | University Heights Store | Providence, RI

Martha Marcucci | Hingham Store | Hingham, MA

Rachel Maccini | Bedford New Hampshire Store | Nashua, NH

Rick Garvey | Westford Store | Westford, MA

Tom Neal | Glastonbury Store | Glastonbury, CT



Agnes Kerley | Albany Store | Albany, NY

Maryann Young | Brooklyn Store | Brooklyn, NY


Northern California:

Alexander Estrada | Alameda Store | San Jose, CA

Beth Plevy Wyland | Northern California Regional Office | Santa Cruz, CA

Jess Moreles | Palo Alto Store | San Jose, CA

Juliette Tiger | Oakland Store | Emeryville, CA

Roland Freiberg | San Ramon Store | Hayward, CA


Pacific Northwest:

Cody Potter | Laurelhurst Store | Portland, OR

Grant Daisley | Pacific Northwest Regional Office | Vancouver, BC

Hannah Colwell | Pacific Northwest Regional Office | Seattle, WA

Leah Abell | Pacific Northwest Regional Office | Seattle, WA

Shawn Gross | Pacific Northwest Regional Office | Portland, OR


Rocky Mountain:

Alison Goodhart | Union Station Store | Denver, CO

Arturo Anzures | Santa Fe Store | Santa Fe, NM

Heather Griffith | Trolley Square and Cottonwood Heights | Salt Lake City, UT

Josh Coyle | Rocky Mountain Regional Office | Denver, CO

Melanie Mccormick | Kansas City Store | Kansas City, MO

Tianna Aliota | Fort Collins Store | Fort Collins, CO



Chelsea Thornhill | Wilmington Store | Wilmington, NC

Erwin Davenport | Cary Store | Cary, NC

Lexi Adams | Poplar Ave Store | Memphis, TN

Madison Franklin | Chattanooga Store | Chattanooga, TN

Matthew Bagby | Sandy Springs Store | Atlanta, GA


Southern Pacific:

Gabrielle Thomas | Las Vegas Metro | Las Vegas, NV



Charlotte Hall | Bowman Store | Little Rock, AR

Quierra Coleman | Shreveport Store | Shreveport, LA

Steffany Villalobos | Southwest Regional Office | Fort Worth, TX