Bonton Farms

Bonton Farms is a 40-acre site in the South Dallas community working to utilize agricultural intervention to create jobs, foster health, and increase access to healthy food in their community. In addition to growing organic produce, the farm houses free-range chickens, goats, turkeys, rabbits and beehives.

By operating one of the largest urban farms in the U.S., running an on-site market and café, offering nutritional programming, plus additional community-building efforts, they are not only advancing fresh food access— they are helping local residents prosper in every aspect of their lives from health and wellness to employment and housing. Whole Cities Foundation is honored to support Bonton Farms with their second Community First Grant as they restore and redefine a community



Year Type Amount
2018 Community First Grant $5,000
2019 Community First Grant $5,600
2020 Community First Grant $9,755
2021 Community First Grant $8,000
2022 Community First Grant $8,000
2023 Community First Grant $9,000
Total: $45,355


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