The Outback Farm

The Outback Farm is a 5-acre farm on south Western Washington University Foundation campus between Fairhaven College and Buchanan Towers. Started in 1972, the Outback is a place of experimentation, learning, reflection, advocacy, and agriculture. They feature permaculture practices and teachings and are home to community gardens, chickens, production rows, a teaching apiary, vernal pools and a delineated wetland.

They are a student-driven farm with three year-long Coordinator positions and a team of work/study students focused on growing food for the WWU community. All students are welcome to come and engage in ecosystem restoration, community building, and food justice. Everyone has a right to know about their food – and the Outback is a place where you can explore the importance of farming for empowerment, resilience, and health.




Year Type Amount
2021 Community First Grant $8,000
Total: $8,000


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