Welcome Community First Grant Team Members Class of 2021!

We’re so excited for the upcoming 2021-2022 Community First Grant year. Bookmark this page to find resources and monthly updates to support your engagement with your partners and fellow Team Members.

Monthly Webinar or Email Update Topics

Each month the Whole Cities Team will host a webinar or send a quick email to support CFG Team Members throughout the grant year. Note, all topics are subject to change!

August 2021 | Start Strong: Growing a Healthy Partnership and Engaging Team Members

      Watch the webinar recording below to learn how to start your Community First Grant year off strong!

November 2021 | Community Giving at Your Store: Nourishing our Neighborhoods

     Watch the webinar recording below to learn more about the Whole Foods Team Member Directed Giving Program.

December 2021 | End of Year Roundup

January 2022 | Nutrition Education Spotlight

Watch the webinar recording from our session with Dr. Akua to get started on your healthy eating journey in the new year and learn more about Dr. Akua’s journey at WFM and WCF.

February 2022 | Team Member Partnership Spotlight & Mid-Year Update Due

March 2022 | Virtual Happy Hour: Meet other TMs and partners

April 2022 | Gearing up for 2022 CFG

May 2022 | Team Member Partnership Spotlight

June 2022 | Final TM Update Due


Download Team Member Volunteer Sign Up Sheet – Post this BOH to help get TM volunteers to support your community partner.

Download Community Partner Volunteer Sign Up Sheet – Post this one-pager on behalf of your community partner to spread awareness for their volunteer event.

Download the Community First Principles Poster – Post this BOH to share with TMs about Whole Cities approach to our work.

2021 CFG Team Members in Action

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