Whole Cities Foundation is excited to be partnering with the Midwest Region and Dr. Akua Woolbright to host the Let’s Talk Food Series. This monthly series will focus on nutrition and lifestyle education with an emphasis on food as medicine. With an “Ask the Nutritionist” – approach, Dr. Akua will respond to topics and questions submitted in advance to tailor content to each TM audience.

About Whole Cities Foundation:

Whole Cities Foundation is a WFM nonprofit dedicated to fostering relationships with community-led organizations, and giving leaders within those communities the tools, support, and resources they need to expand fresh, healthy food access and nutrition education to help build thriving local food systems.

Get to Know Dr. Akua Woolbright:

Dr. Akua Woolbright is a nutrition scientist, the Nutrition Program Director for Whole Cities Foundation, and has been a Whole Foods Market team member for more than 10 years.  At Whole Cities, our mission is improve healthy food access and nutrition education.  Through Dr. Akua’s Let’s Talk Food program she empowers people to lead healthier lives by providing authoritative nutritional information, passionate inspiration, and genuine support!

Learn more about the impact that Dr. Akua has had on the communities where she has hosted this series HERE.

You can submit your questions anonymously before the class at https://bit.ly/34OQVDb or bring your questions to the live class to ask during the session!

Eating Your Way to Optimal Health

Participants will learn how to identify the types of foods that can help them feel better, look younger, gain more energy, and possibly live longer. We will carefully distinguish between real food and fake food stuff, and how our bodies respond to each. You will also learn why dieting and willpower won’t work, and how to eat and lose weight at the same time. Join us if you have ever started a new eating plan but had trouble sticking with it, or are ready to move past popular dietary trends to create a plan that works for you.


Decoding Food Labels

Think you already know how to read a food label? Do you know exactly how many milligrams of sodium to look for? Why it is best to completely ignore grams of sugars or carbohydrates on the nutrition facts label? Food scientists intentionally manipulate products to make them more addictive, and the food industry applies misleading labeling to draw you in and increase sales. Come learn the latest cutting-edge recommendations and become a savvy food detective. Participants will learn how to accurately read food labels and make wiser choices.

Combating Food Cravings

Come learn why dieting and willpower won’t work, and how to eat and lose weight at the same time. We will examine the biological reasons we crave high calorie foods, and the steps we can take to turn these cravings off.

Recording coming soon! 

Making a Plan that Sticks

Learn how to put it all together to create a lifestyle plan that works for you. By setting lifestyle goals and creating a plan of action, you can maintain a plan that sticks. This is an interactive class with participants helping each other to identify potential obstacles and solutions.

Tuesday, August 3

1pm-2pm cst

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