Meet Dr. Akua Woolbright

Nutrition Program Director

I grew up on a small farm in rural, Texas, nurtured by fresh fruits and vegetables from the land. My grandmother cooked full meals from scratch every day. If I wanted a snack, I went outside to our large garden and grabbed a juicy ripe tomato right off the vine, wiped it on my pant leg and ate it.

We were surrounded by bounty. There were berry vines and fruit and nut trees heavy with delicious pears, pecans, persimmons, and plums. A typical after-school snack might include corn on the cob or a baked sweet potato. We drank fresh well water straight from the tap.

This was my introduction to plant-based living. My grandfather was a country Baptist pastor with a tireless commitment to service and supporting people’s positive life changes. I am inspired by his example as I work to help people transform their health—a path I see as my spiritual calling.

I’ve dedicated my career to becoming a trusted resource and advocate for helping people take control of their personal wellness journeys. Through my work with Whole Foods Market and now Whole Cities Foundation, I promise my students that my program will be the go-to place for sound nutrition advice, then I work hard to earn and keep their trust.

My career with Whole Foods Market brought me to Detroit, where I currently reside with my young son. My work in Detroit paved the way for me becoming the founding member and Nutrition Program Director of Whole Cities Foundation, the third foundation of Whole Foods Market, where I run the organization’s signature national nutrition program.


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Let’s Talk Food Nutrition Program

Aligned with Whole Foods Market’s Four Pillars of Healthy Eating, Let’s Talk Food offers a series of free classes in Detroit, Chicago, and Newark.

Class topics include:

  • Foods for a Healthy Mood
  • Probiotics
  • Help! I Can’t Boil Water (Cooking 101)
  • Stop Dieting, Start Eating
  • Where Will I Get My Protein?

Get inspired for how to start your healthy eating journey.

Can’t make a class? Try these healthy recipes at home!

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