At Whole Cities Foundation, we support local changemakers through grants to amplify programs making fresh, healthy food accessible in their communities.

From urban farms and community gardens to mobile markets and farmers’ markets, people in cities across the U.S. have created solutions that make organic vegetables available and affordable in their neighborhood

Kansas City residents harvest community garden bounty

We believe that homegrown initiatives have the best chance of creating lasting change.

That’s why our partnerships start with the Community First Principles – listening to neighborhood challenges, recognizing what already works well, and expanding upon the solutions set in place by the community.

The average grant size we award is $5,000, meant to enhance our partners’ ability to purchase capital expenses. Here are just some of the ways our partners have been able to expand food access in their communities:

  • Ujamaa Freedom Market added a refrigeration unit to their mobile market, allowing them to keep produce fresh longer, delivering groceries to 8 neighborhoods in Asheville, NC
  • Kansas City Community Gardens transformed vacant city lots into 13 new community gardens in the metro area
  • Arcadia Food Inc., a farm and mobile market in Alexandra, VA increased vegetable production by 30% and sold $238,000 worth of produce, a $55,000 increase from the year before!

Whole Cities Foundation partners with registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations with leadership that mirrors the communities they serve. We believe that community-led nonprofits with self-sustaining programs have the best chance of improving the lives of local communities. While food banks, pantries, and other food donation/ redistribution programs serve an important role in relieving hunger, we support programs that focus on creating long-term food access and a more equitable and sustainable food system.

If you are a Whole Foods Market Team Member in the U.S. or Canada, you can nominate a nonprofit in your city for a $5,000 grant through the Community First Grant Program between May 1-June15!


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