I’ve worked at Whole Foods Market for more than 20 years. Most of my career was in marketing – sharing the joy of the highest quality natural and organic food with anyone who eats! I was a foodie before I learned about the power of food to sustain our health.

The opportunity to create Whole Kids Foundation in 2011 grew from a cause marketing effort. In 2017, I moved from my seat on the board of directors to lead the day-to-day operations of Whole Cities Foundation as well. My experience with Whole Cities work taught me so much about the importance of community lead decision-making and the value of being responsive to those we support. Those things shaped me as both a person and a leader. I’m BEYOND GRATEFUL that I was offered the chance to take a fork in the road that led to where I am today.

I have often described my role leading Whole Kids & Whole Cities as the best job on the planet…and it truly is. When a person can dedicate their days to doing work, they are deeply passionate about and that makes a difference in the world – it is not a job!

That said, it’s time for the next chapter – both for me and these amazing organizations!

I am retiring from Whole Kids & Whole Cities at the end of 2022.

I’m going to spend quality time with my elders, breathe deeply, keep bees, grow, cook, and enjoy food, be a better friend and use my voice to make a difference anywhere I can.

I am so proud that Chanta Williams, who has been a leader on our team for 3 years, will lead as the Interim Executive Director.

I will spend my eternity in gratitude to all the people who have supported my success and who have contributed time, energy, and money to create healthier kids and communities.


As ever.

Love & Veggies,

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