We are excited that a Team Member at your store, facility, or office is submitting a Community First Grant nomination, and we want to make sure that you fully support their participation. Please respond to the following questions by Wednesday, June 12, 2024.

If you are an STL who is submitting a partner nomination, you do not need to submit an STL Support Form for yourself. If you have a TM who is submitting more than one partner nomination (TMs can submit up to 3), you only need to submit one STL Support form per TM, not per nomination.


Here’s a snapshot of what TM participation and leadership support entail. To learn more click here.

  • Team Member will be expected to volunteer with the community partner they nominate during their personal time. No compensation will be provided by WFM or Whole Cities. The CFG program is separate from Whole Foods Market’s Community Connections program.


  • Team Members will be invited to occasional webinars and calls by the Whole Cities team designed to share best practices, support CFG partnerships and keep CFG TMs in the loop on upcoming deadlines and opportunities. These calls will be recorded, so that TMs who are unable to join or do not have approval from their TL to join live, can still access them.


  • Team Members will have their STL (store TMs) and FTL/TL (office TMs) support to share information about their partnership and volunteering opportunities with other TMs (example: posting a signup sheet for a volunteer day in BOH).



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