Community First Partners

Whole Cities Foundation launched the Community First Grant Program to build thriving local food systems and grow community health. We support partnerships between Whole Foods Market Team Members and non-profits with fresh food access projects.

Here's a peek at the 2017 program: 

  • Whole Cities Foundation invested $220,000 to support 44 partnerships!
  • Community partners are located in 40 cities across 26 states.
  • Each grant, worth $5,000, helps communities broaden access to healthy food and nutrition education.

Click here for inspiring stories and photos of each new partnership. 

Please join us in congratulating all the community partners and Team Members listed below!


Community Partner:     Hebni Nutrition Consultants, Inc. | Orlando, FL
Team Member:              Vicky Santamaria | Orlando Metro

Community Partner:     Memory Trees Corporation | West Palm Beach, FL
Team Member:              Brenna Bertram | Palm Beach Metro Team

Community Partner:     The Local Food Project | Tampa, FL
Team Member:              Lea Mewa | Tampa Metro


Community Partner:     Arcadia Food Inc. | Alexandria, VA
Team Member:              Jeanne Ludwig | North Virginia Metro

Community Partner:     Louisville Grows | Louisville, KY
Team Member:              Madeleine Loney | Louisville Metro

Community Partner:     Urban Tree Connection | Philadelphia, PA
Team Member:              Anthony Aquilino | South Street Store

Community Partner:     Virtua Health | Camden, NJ
Team Member:              Carol Shapcott | Cherry Hill & Marlton Stores


Community Partner:     City Sprouts | Omaha, NE
Team Member:              Cassandra Zywiec | Omaha Metro

Community Partner:     Fondy Food Center | Milwaukee, WI
Team Member:              Amanda John | Milwaukee Store

Community Partner:     Michigan 4-H Foundation | Warren, MI
Team Member:              Heather Smith | Michigan Support Team

Community Partner:     Peterson Garden Project | Chicago, IL
Team Member:              Amanda Pena | Lakeview Store

Community Partner:     Reroot Pontiac | Pontiac, MI
Team Member:              Rachel Bush | Midwest Rochester Store


Community Partner:     Backyard Growers | Gloucester, MA
Team Member:              Carol Styczko | Pigeon Cave Seafood Facility

Community Partner:     Charter Oak Cultural Center | Hartford, CT
Team Member:              Tom Neal | Glastonbury Store

Community Partner:     Groundwork Somerville | Somerville, MA
Team Member:              Dena Cherenson | North Atlantic Regional Team  

Community Partner:     Mill City Grows | Lowell, MA
Team Member:              Meaghan Murphy | Lynnfield Store

Community Partner:     Southside Community Land Trust | Providence, RI
Team Members:            Robert Williams & Courtney Wittenstein | University Heights, Providence, and Garden City Center Stores

Community Partner:     YMCA of the North Shore | Salem, MA
Team Member:              Meaghan Murphy | North Atlantic Regional Team


Community Partner:     Mandela Marketplace | Oakland, CA
Team Member:              Quintana Kardel | Northern California Regional Team

Community Partner:     Oak Park Sol | Emeryville, CA
Team Member:              Erika Dimmler | Northern California Regional Team


Community Partner:     Common Threads Farm | Bellingham, WA
Team Member:              Stephanie Raasch | Bellingham Lakeway Store

Community Partner:     Farmer Frog | University Place, WA
Team Member:              Olivia Yates | Washington Metro

Community Partner:     Growing Gardens | Portland, OR
Team Member:              Mary Crowe | Pacific Northwest Regional Team

Community Partner:     High Desert Food & Farm Alliance | Bend, OR
Team Member:              Rebecca Burda | Bend Store

Community Partner:     Pike Place Market Foundation | Bellevue, WA
Team Member:              Jonathan Sue | Pacific Northwest Regional Team


Community Partner:     Buy Extension | Boise, ID
Team Member:              Jacob Warner | Boise Store

Community Partner:     Hunger-Free Colorado | Denver, CO
Team Member:              M’Lissa Baker | Rocky Mountain Regional Team

Community Partner:     Kansas City Community Gardens | Kansas City, KS
Team Member:              Beth Follmer | Kansas City Metro

Community Partner:     The Growhaus | Denver, CO
Team Member:              Jeremiah Ryan | Washington Park Store


Community Partner:     Community Services Unlimited, Inc. | Los Angeles, CA
Team Member:              Marci Frumkin | Southern Pacific Regional Team

Community Partner:     Social Justice Learning Institute | Los Angeles, CA
Team Member:              Johnny Saadeh | Playa Vista Store


Community Partner:     Communities in Partnership Food Co-Op| Durham, NC
Team Member:              Kellodie Tassa | Durham Store

Community Partner:     Crabtree Farms | Chattanooga, TN
Team Member:              Mark Zielke | Chattanooga Store

Community Partner:     Faith Family Medical Center | Nashville, TN
Team Member:              Matt Birdsong | McEwen Store

Community Partner:     Feast Down East | Wilmington, NC
Team Member:              Chelsea Thornhill | Wilmington Store

Community Partner:     Pure Artistry CommUNITY Outreach| Montgomery, AL
Team Member:              Scott Cook | Montgomery Store

Community Partner:     Rev Birmingham | Birmingham, AL
Team Member:              Tina Spalding-Pilgrim | Mountain Brook Store

Community Partner:     Truly Living Well | Atlanta, Georgia
Team Member:              Scott Sherman | Brookhaven Store


Community Partner:     Dunbar Gardens | Little Rock, AR
Team Member:              Sarah Fulton-Koerbling | Bowman Store

Community Partner:     Healthy Tarrant County Collaboration | Fort Worth, TX
Team Member:              Steffany Villalobos | Fort Worth Store

Community Partner:     SixTwelve | Oklahoma, OK
Team Member:              Tobias Markey | Oklahoma City Store

Community Partner:     Sustainable Produce Reaching Our Urban Tables Nola | New Orleans, LA
Team Member:              Mallory Broussard | Broad Street Store

Community Partner:     Townfolk, Inc. | Lafayette, LA
Team Member:              Sophia Gross | Ambassador Caffery Store

Community Partner:     Tri Cycle Farms | Fayetteville, AR
Team Member:              Allison Chilcote | Fayetteville Store