Farmshare Austin

Farmshare Austin’s mission is to grow a healthy local food community by increasing food access, teaching new farmers and preserving farmland.

They envision a future of resilient local food economies that ensures equitable access to food and to the resources needed to farm.

Farmshare Austin builds bridges between the produce grown on our 10-acre certified organic farm in Eastern Travis County and food access programs reaching food insecure communities in Central Texas.


Year Type Amount
2016 Community First Grant $5,000
2018 Community First Grant $15,000
2019 Community First Grant $10,000
2020 Community First Grant $22,000
2021 Community First Grant $8,000
Total: $60,000
“In a nutshell, we teach adults how to farm, we share the bounty of the farm through our food access programs, and connect new farmers with land,” explains Andrea Abel, Farmshare’s Executive Director. “We are striving towards equity — food access and food security.


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