Since fall of 2016, Whole Cities Foundation has been partnering with creatives, teachers, business leaders and urban farmers who support community food access projects in Newark, NJ. By following the lead of Newark residents entrenched in grassroots organizing, Whole Cities Foundation has been able to amplify community-led efforts that build the local food system and grow community health.Watch how it all first came together!

Since then, community leaders have come together to form the Newark Community Food System (NCFS) in partnership with Newark Science and Sustainability Inc., and Whole Cities Foundation.  The NCFS will support and develop sustainability efforts in urban agriculture, as well as, wellness and nutrition programs. This will be accomplished by tackling social determinants of health and using community-driven problem solving in a fiercely collaborative way.

The Newark Community Food System is currently setting goals to grow the local food system based on the needs identified by the greater community. It is committed to hosting three signature events per year focused on sustainable living practices and the positive impact of urban agriculture on community health. NCFS will also encourage collaboration and social entrepreneurship as a means to create tangible and sustainable solutions for environmental and social issues. Beyond the food system, the group aims to influence renewable energy, the visual arts, ecological building, and health care throughout the Greater Newark community.

The Newark NCFS Task Force will review and provide leadership and guidance to the second annual Whole Cities Foundation Newark Fresh, Healthy Food Access Grant. Through the 2017 program, Whole Cities Foundation awarded over $140,000 to eleven community-led local food system initiatives across all five wards with local food system projects. The grant opportunity is an annual, ongoing investment in Newark.

The Newark NSFS Task Force is comprised of award-winning community leaders with diverse experience in grassroots community organizing, urban agriculture, and creating nonprofits and programs that address community health.

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