Englewood, Chicago, IL

Englewood Community Fresh, Healthy Food Access Grant

Englewood Change-Makers Leading the Way

Whole Cities Foundation, in partnership with the Resident Association of Greater Englewood (R.A.G.E.), awarded grants to six community-led, fresh, healthy food access projects. For the first time, Englewood residents had a real say and a central role in the grant-making process in their own neighborhood.  R.A.G.E., Whole Cities, and a Task Force of nine Englewood leaders, including elected representatives, entrepreneurs, church leaders, academics, and health advocates, collaborated on an innovative community voting process that put the power in the hands of the people of Englewood.  

“Our association truly enjoyed creating this voting process, because the community had the opportunity to make the decision on who would be awarded the Whole Cities Foundation grant, which is not the typical process. The residents felt empowered that their voice was heard and honored.”                                                                      -  R.A.G.E. President, Asiaha Butler 


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