Englewood, Chicago, IL

Englewood Community Fresh, Healthy Food Access Grant

Whole Cities Foundation and Resident Association of Greater Englewood (R.A.G.E.) have partnered with the Greater Englewood community to offer the second annual Fresh, Healthy Food Access Grant. This opportunity awards $2,000-$8,000 for projects that grow the local food system and increase access to fresh, healthy food in Greater Englewood. 

Grant Selection Process

In June 2017, twelve organizations applied for the Fresh, Healthy Food Access Grant. 

For the first time, Englewood residents had a real say and a central role in the grant-making process in their own neighborhood.  R.A.G.E., Whole Cities Foundation, and a Task Force of Englewood leaders, including elected representatives, entrepreneurs, church leaders, academics, and health advocates, collaborated on an innovative community voting process that put the power in the hands of the people of Englewood.  

The Task Force selected seven finalists to move into the community voting round. During the months of August and September, the Greater Englewood community cast their votes for their top three favorite organizations, and the following five groups were awarded. 

Meet our Englewood Community Partners

 Imagine Englewood If    
 Community Garden 

Growing Power      
Mobile Market

I Grow Chicago
Community Garden 


Southwest Federation Block Clubs        
Bucket Gardening 

Zanjabil Gardens                           
Community Garden